Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Care Tips

Upon Receiving Hair:

Co-wash the hair with conditioner. 

Styling the Hair:

Use only wide tooth or paddle brushes to style your hair. The usage of fine tooth-combs may snag the hair and lead to unnecessary shedding.

Washing the Hair:

To get the most wear out of your Elysian hair, it is important that oils and product don't build up. Wash your hair extensions often to ensure they last you as long as they should!

  • Before washing: Use a wide tooth-comb or brush to get rid of any tangles.

  • Washing: Wet the hair in small portions and lather the shampoo evenly throughout the hair in a downward motion only. Apply the conditioner after shampooing so the hair is moisturized and soft.

In the Morning:

Straight,Body Wave, Loose Curl: Style as desired with wide tooth comb. 

Deep Wave & Kinky Curly: Spritz with water and leave in conditioner and finger comb through to distribute. Finish off with an oil mist (i.e. Organix products) for shine and luster.

Before Bed:

Using a wide tooth-comb or paddle brush, gently comb or brush through hair. Braid hair or twist hair of reasonable size (medium to big) Tie the hair down with a satin scarf or bonnet to maintain moisture and minimize unwanted frizz and shedding. For a curly look, install flexi rods nightly and remove in the morning. (More flexi rods=More curly)

Curly Hair Textures:

To maintain the natural curly texture without unwanted frizz, after washing this textured hair, apply a curl holding/defining product to the wet hair. This will ensure definition and hold without frizzing the hair.


Mailing Address: 

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