Deep Wave


Our Elysian Deep Wave Hair has a flawless wavy texture that requires moderate maintenance. In the spring-summer, this texture is easily one of our best-sellers. It is the perfect vacation hair.

For curlier natural hair textures, our Deep Wave Hair is easy to blend them with your own hair for that natural look you’ve been looking for!

How many bundles do I need? For sew-ins and wigs, 3 bundles are recommend for lengths 12"-22” and 4 bundles are recommended for lengths 22"-30". For ponytails, 2-3 bundles are recommended depending on your desired fullness.

Since this is a curly texture we recommend getting all bundles the same length for an overall full look (20,20,20") or doubling the longest bundle length for a layered but full look ( 18,20,20")

Model is wearing 3 bundles (lengths 26,26,26") with a 20" frontal.

All of our hair extensions can be bleached, colored, and cut. For tips on maintenance, visit our Hair Care Tips tab.


  • Each bundle weighs about 100 grams. 
  • Lasts 9-12 months or more with proper care.
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