13x4" Lace Frontals


Looking for a protective style that allows full versatility when styling? Add a frontal to your purchase of bundles in a matching texture. 

Our 13x4" Lace Frontals are made with high-quality lace that is thin and soft to blend for a scalp-like appearance. All frontals come lightly pre-plucked with slight baby hairs. They allow for parting from ear to ear.

For a complete look, pair your frontal with 3-4 bundles of our hair extensions for a sew-in or wig creation. 3 bundles are recommended for lengths 22" and shorter, while 4 bundles is recommended for lengths 24" and longer.

What is the difference between our transparent and HD lace? Our HD lace is thinner than our transparent lace closures with smaller knots. It melts into the scalp almost effortlessly with less customization needed. See pictures for side by side comparison.

What's the difference between a 13x4" and 13x6" Frontal? Size is the only difference. If you prefer a deeper part our 13x6" HD frontals offer 2 more inches of space from front to back for achieving that look.

All lace products typically last about 4-6 weeks with proper care. They can be reused if maintained but it is very common to need a new lace frontal with every install. To increase the longevity of your lace avoid scratching with your nails and combing lace with small tooth combs, and be sure to comb from ends to root.


  • Available in lengths: 16-20"
  • Size options: 13x4"
  • Customization (bleaching, plucking, lace tinting) by your hairstylist is recommended to receive a seamless look
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